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45 lb. Dorado with Dennis!

Dennis joined us for an afternoon of sport fishing last week. Things started slowly, and we were worried that we weren't going to catch anything. But the crew worked hard to set all the lines right and get him to the fishing spot. Just as we were about to head in, we landed 5 mahi mahi within a span of 30 minutes!

The prize catch was this 45 lb. bull dorado. It put up a huge fight, using its prominent head to plane in the water and jump, trying to get free. But Dennis won the fight and we got the fish on the boat. We then stayed out a bit to watch a really beautiful sunset on the water.

By the time we pulled into Ocotal bay, first mate Ever had the mahi filets prepared, and we were able to set Dennis up at local restaurant Father Rooster with a great dinner of Mahi Mahi three ways - grilled, blackened, and breaded as fish and chips.

It was an awesome afternoon and we can't wait to have Dennis on board with us again.

See below for a gallery of the rest of the photos of the day! Pura Vida!

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