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Ryan Family, Young Fishermen showing their skills

The Ryan family approached me, wanting to book a full day of fishing. Their young boys are avid fishermen, and they impressed me with their puffed out chests and stories of other fish they've caught. Even though they're experienced, we made sure to have the light reels on board to set up the boys with the perfect gear for them.

It was a tough morning, not many bites or fish on the reel. We came back in closer to shore and spotted and group of birds circling over a school of Tuna and Pacific Jack Crevalle.

The whole family fished the rest of the day, eventually catching-and-releasing 15 Tuna and Jack! It was a great day and the boys had great attitudes, reeling in as many if not more than their parents.

Sportfishing is a great family activity. You can relax and have fun together in between catches. We have a retractable roof for shade and make sure that you have everything you need to make the best experience possible. Check out the gallery below for pictures of one of the fights to reel in a Pacific Jack Crevalle.

Pura Vida and Fish On!

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