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We exclusively offer Private Charters ... Here's Why

When searching for sport fishing charters in Costa Rica, there are many options, great fits for all interests and skill levels. This includes Private Sport Fishing Charters and Group Charters.

So when we started out to form a sport fishing charter business, we had to decide what we were going to offer. Our priority to to provide specialized service, unique experiences, and share our knowledge and passion for responsible sport fishing. With that in mind, we realized that the only way to fulfill our vision for catering each tour to each group was to offer exclusively private charters.

Here are the top 5 reasons we think private charters provide the best possible experience:

  1. We can personalize the tour to your specific interests. You are pumped to catch dinner for the family, or a mount-worthy trophy catch like Roosterfish or Marlin. Or beach hopping, paddling the mangrove, and grilling out on a virgin beach is more your vibe. Let us know and we can set up the day to match your vision for your experience.

  2. Our crew can be attentive to the service and security of your family or group. We can be attentive to allergies and dietary restrictions. We can teach the young anglers how to safely operate the fishing equipment and move on board. It's important to cater to you! So send us your requests for preferred beverages and snacks. Let us know about young ones and prior experience. Safety first!

  3. The trip leaves on your schedule. No worries about others canceling and leaving you without a charter. If you would like to leave after breakfast, or have an afternoon trip your need to get back to, we can prepare everything around your vacation plans.

  4. You can better interact with our crew. Our passion is fishing, and we love when our guests ask questions about how we fish and why we fish that way. Want to learn a knot? See how to pick a lure? When it's your private charter, you have a better interaction with the crew.

  5. You have more chances on the line! Every bite is for your group, and everything you catch is yours to take a photo and responsibly release in the case of billfish, rooster fish, and protected species, or enjoy on board as sashimi or ceviche in the case of tuna or mahi mahi. If you have a specific target in mind, we can plan the fishing spots, bait, and equipment in order to best set you up for your prize catch.

Come see for yourself the benefits of a private sport fishing charter with us! We're looking forward to seeing you on board!

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