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COVID-19 Update | Part I

Hola a todos! We sincerely hope that everyone is safe and well!

We are here in Guanacaste, happy to report that our region of Costa Rica is Covid-free. This is due to a great effort nationwide from citizens and residents, under the guidance of the government and Ministry of Health. Of course, tourism has suffered greatly, but we are choosing to use this time to take a step back, spend quality time with family, and make improvements.

Here are some updates we'd like to share with you:

  • Membership Pages on our website!: Site membership is rising as we are publishing more Fishing Reports. We are happy to say that now we have augmented the benefits of being a site member to include access to special rates, ability to manage your booking, and many other perks.You'll see a new link for Log In on the header of our site, where you can become a site member and stay up-to-date on all the benefits of being part of our Online Crew!

  • Sitio de web ahora en Español! When we launched our website for the first time in 2018, it was important to us to offer our information in Spanish as well. We are proud to be from Costa Rica and enjoy having fellow Ticos and Latinos on board. A silver lining of this time is that we have been able to fulfill this goal and offer our website now in Spanish, a great help as we take steps to grow our role in national tourism. Our website will automatically load in the language of your browser. If you wish to switch language, you can easily do so by clicking the flag in the upper corner.

  • Sea Star CR SHOP has New Products!: Our primary print provider for dri-fit fishing shirts and tees is located in Michigan and has stopped production while under a Stay Home order. We have received many emails inquiring about when they might be available again, and we will be sure to keep you updated directly and through the Blog. In the meantime, we've located a different print provider that is still operating and offers different products. So now we are happy to announce our line of Trophy Fish Stickers, Super-soft Cotton Tees, and Long Sleeve Cotton Shirts. We're excited about these new options and look forward to seeing pictures of you all in the new gear!


  • Looking Ahead: Part 2 of our COVID-19 Update will go into more detail on how we've updated operating protocols to ensure a safe experience for anglers and crew. We are also preparing the launch of a new Sea Star CR Taxi Cruise and Fishing Club Membership. If you are interested in receiving advance information regarding either, be sure to sign up as a site member, or email us directly at

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