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Pura Vida Day - Brand New Trip!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

We're excited to offer a brand new trip this season. The Pura Vida Day!

Sea Star CR Family Activity Playas del Coco
Pura Vida Day - The Perfect Family Day

Spend Quality Time as a family and discover the virgin beaches of the Papagayo Gulf. We are fully geared up for snorkeling volcanic reefs, tubing in the quiet bays, and wakeboarding the perfect wakes. SUP Paddling in the mangroves is a peaceful but exciting way to explore the diverse wildlife of the coast. This day will be a certain highlight of your vacation - your kids will never forget!

Pura Vida Day is available for a family of 5 on Sea Star I.

All tours include heavy snacks and drinks.

Day Trip: 6 hours, 9:00am - 3:00 pm

If you're interested in booking a Pura Vida Trip for your family, get in touch and let us know at

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1 Comment

My two friends and I had an amazing time for the one day on the Sea Star and two days on the Afishianado 'cause the Big Eye was being worked on.

Captn. Ron and Gerro put us right on a HUGH ROOSTER FISH the first day Dorado....These guys are good. Gerro speaks amazingly good English and was extremely helpful narrating the Area and Trip. Alot packed into a half day trip !!

Captn. Jorge on the Afishianado took us out to the Pappagayo Rocks for the Big Fish two days in a row. The Crew of David and Gerro were constantly working and adjusting the rigs to max the success we wound up with. Huge Yellowfin, Giant Cuberra Snappe…

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